OptiMobile makes mobile operators and enterprises more profitable

 OptiMobile develops VoIP-based communication solutions built on a proprietary platform, including:
  • Individual solutions for mobile operators based on a SaaS business model to assist in the transition to 4G/5G networks and interoperability with WiFi networks.
  • Cloud-based solutions for the enterprise market to improve internal and external communications.
  • Communication solutions for the eCommerce market that provides a closer interaction between merchants and customers.

OptiMobile’s head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden and the company is publicly listed on Spotlight Stock Market (OPT).

OptiMobile is dedicated to applying its Voip expertise and software platform on three separate market segments; Mobile operators, Enterprises and eCommerce.

Learn how OptiMobile will generate additional revenue for your operator business

Our operator solutions are focused on making the maximum use of the latest VoLTE and VoWiFi capabilities, thus reducing the network costs and subscriber churn caused by bad user experiences. We provide VoIP-based calling solutions as well as solutions for dynamically setting the network parameters.

Examples of new services and possibilities the operators can offer you as an end user

Multiple phones
in one
without extra
SIM card

Cloud based
services & subscriptions

Improved coverage
using WiFi, also for
non-IMS based networks

& Modern
fixed phone

Some of our customer references

Our latest solutions – ready for customer trials

Dynamic setting of network parameters

Many mobile operators around the world are in the process of shutting down their 2G/3G networks. The need for devices to support 4G/5G is urgent and often requires new parameters to be set in the device. OptiSet is a solution for doing this dynamically on Android devices.

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Drive conversion with web based voice tool

OptiMobile enters into a new market area with the development of a voice-focused communication solution directed at the e-Commerce industry. The product is intended to provide a closer interaction with customers and increase the conversion rate, creating more value for web shops and other web sites where interaction is critical.

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