Woony – voice service for web shops

Woony banner 3

Drive conversion with web based voice tool
OptiMobile enters into a new market area with the development of a voice-focused communication solution directed at the e-Commerce industry. The product is intended to provide a closer interaction with customers and increase the conversion rate, creating more value for web shops and other web sites where interaction is critical.

While most existing communication solutions for e-Commerce focus on chat services and move away from human interaction by using bots and AI, OptiMobile has identified a need for voice-based communication that creates better experience for shoppers. A drawback of the chat support is that many customers lack the personal connection achieved on a voice call. Web shops that allow phone calls today, provides no history or customer status to agents and a call typically starts from the very beginning.

Woony is designed for easy implementation on existing sites, offering a calling capability directly from the web browser, supporting all devices, i.e. computers, tablets or mobile devices.