OptiMobile WiFi Calling+

Increased Indoor Coverage
With OptiMobile WiFi Calling+ the operator can increase its network coverage and offer its subscribers the use of the WiFi network when the cellular network signal is low or unavailable. This enables subscribers to use their mobile services in areas where usually not possible, e.g. when the indoor coverage is bad, when in public places with no cellular network signal or even on an airplane.

WiFi Calling for everyone
OptiMobile WiFi Calling+ is a flexible and fully operator integrated WiFi Calling / VoWiFi service, which is available for all users and all types of devices, independently of platform and device manufacturer. OptiMobile WiFi Calling+ is based on the OptiMobile Software Platform and can thereby be offered to all subscribers and type of devices, independently if the subscriber has an old or a new phone or device. With OptiMobile WiFi Calling+ the operator also can offer its subscribers to use its calling services from abroad but for local tariffs and call rates.

Available for both IMS and non-IMS based networks
OptiMobile WiFi Calling+ can easily be implemented on both IMS and non-IMS networks (2G / 3G / 4G / 5G) and is both a complement and an alternative to hardware based VoWiFi / WiFi Calling. OptiMobile WiFi Calling+ can therefore also be used on devices running hardware-based VoWiFi / WiFi Calling.

OptiMobile WiFi Calling+ is integrated with the native interface and phone dialer of the device, resulting in a native user experience for the subscribers (end users). With OptiMobile WiFi Calling+ subscribers can use their services as usual when connected to a WiFi network, i.e. make and receive calls, send and receive SMS using the WiFi network if cellular coverage and signal is low or unavailable.

OptiMobile WiFi Calling+ is designed to be used by consumers as well as enterprise subscribers. The product can be used together with the integrated native user interface of the device, but also as a stand-alone application for devices with no calling capability (e.g. iPads or WiFi-only devices). The operator has the ability to set which mode to be used for each specific subscriber.

OptiMobile WiFi Calling+ is one of OptiMobile´s core products developed on the OptiMobile Core Technology Platform. The product offers a variety of advantages for the operator and its subscribers:

  • Extends the coverage and thereby the functionality of the subscriber´s mobile subscription, independent of phone / device
  • Increases indoor coverage and allows operators to save on dedicated in-building systems
  • Reduces end-user costs, allowing the subscriber to always make and receive calls and communicate by SMS at local call rates
  • Increase network and service coverage without required investments for the operator in additional network and infrastructure, e.g. IMS or VoLTE based networks
  • Automatically available for use when the phone is connected to a WiFi network
  • Integrated with the native interface and phone dialer of the device, resulting in a native user experience for the subscribers