OptiMobile Virtual Fixed Phone

A cost-efficient and modern fixed phone service
OptiMobile Virtual Fixed Phone enables operators to offer modern, cost-efficient and flexible fixed phone services to the subscribers. The solution requires no investments in any extra infrastructure or hardware by the subscriber, e.g. in fixed phone devices, desk phones, routers or ATA-boxes etc. OptiMobile Virtual Fixed Phone can be used on any Internet-connected smartphone, tablet or computer and is fully SIMless (no SIM-card required).

Using the home phone service and the mobile phone service on the same device
This enables the subscribers to have and use their home phone number on the same phone or tablet used for their mobile phone service, and the same goes for all the family member’s devices . The subscribers can decide if to only be available when at home or if to be available anywhere, it is simply up to each family member to decide.

The same goes for enterprise subscribers. OptiMobile Virtual Fixed Phone enables SMEs to offer their employees an office phone service to be used on the employee’s own smartphone (e.g. BYOD) or on the employee’s laptop or computer. No fixed desk phones or extra hardware required. With OptiMobile Virtual Fixed Phone it is possible to set office hours for each specific employee/user for when to be available and when to not be disturbed.

Simple to use, customized specifically for the requirement of each operator
OptiMobile Virtual Fixed Phone is designed to be easy and user friendly to use and can be customized to meet the needs and requirement of each operator. For instance with larger buttons and an intuitive user interface to suit all types of users. OptiMobile Virtual Fixed Phone can also be incorporated and fitted with other functionalities and services used in home environments and residential buildings, e.g. gate / entry phone services etc. Using WiFi coverage when experiencing poor indoor cellular coverage or when to use WiFi only devices.

OptMobile Virtual Fixed Phone is a newly developed product based on the OptiMobiles Core Technology Platform. The product is specifically designed and developed to provide customers and subscribers with cost-efficient, modern and easy to use fixed phone services. Some of key benefits and values are:

  • The subscribers can purchase and activate new subscriptions directly online whenever and wherever needed
  • The operator can sale and fully distribute the service online, enabling market access to a broad subscriber base
  • Requires no investments in any extra infrastructure or hardware by the subscriber, e.g. fixed phone devices, desk phones, routers or ATA-boxes etc.
  • Enables the subscribers to have the fixed phone service and the mobile phone service in one and the same phone, without any extra SIM-card.
  • No need of paying, maintaining and handling two phone service infrastructures.