Telenor Softphone, launched by operator Telenor Sweden

Telenor Softphone is a service that integrates the mobile phone and the computer to the same extension so that the user can make and receive calls on any mobile or computer device, based on the preference of the user. Additionally, the user can seamlessly transfer an ongoing call between devices, start a conversation at the computer and continue the conversation on the mobile, or vice versa. No cellular coverage is required, simply connect to any WiFi or Internet connection and make and receive calls as usual.

With Telenor Softphone, the user can get an overview of its colleagues; with information as current status, ongoing calls and references, log in / log out status as well as to see the status of the group numbers. This together with the possibility to connect calls directly through the Telenor Softphone, enables the user to also use the service as a switchboard function.

OptiMobile has developed both a Windows as well as on Mac OS version of Telenor Softphone.