Our products and solutions are based on VoIP technology first created at Uppsala University. Over the years, it has been further enhanced and expanded upon by our experienced team of developers. All our legacy products and our newly released products are based on this powerful core.

LODURR – Our VoIP platform

Our proprietary VoIP Platform is built upon the ideas from our founders from Uppsala University, and has grown over the years to adapt to the latest industry innovations.

OptiMobile adheres to the 3GPP standards and has developed a solution that supports operators with IMS functionality (typically MNOs) and operators without IMS (MVNOs). The underlying objective is to provide a solution that enables high-quality communication and the best end-user experience while maintaining the operators expectations on control and management.

LODURR forms the basis for our legacy and new products. Originally starting in Telecoms, we are now expanding its use to new areas, like Enterprise and eCommerce Communications.