How can customer service be improved for both customers and merchants? Customers like to call, but not to sit in endless telephone queues. Traders prefer to take only the important calls, which generate money. – The solution is Woony!

Woony is a voice communication solution based on VoIP technology that allows Internet users to communicate directly from a web browser with a support agent without the need for a telephone. Communication is set up between a web widget installed on the web page, for instance a web shop, and a client software used by the support agent.

A recent study by Microsoft Dynamics 365 highlights the value of voice communication in digital services. The study shows, among other things, that voice is the preferred communication channel in 71% of support matters, more popular than e-mail, chat, etc. The things customers today find most frustrating about customer service are:

  • Lack of knowledge on the part of the agent
  • Having to repeat information
  • Having to be connected to a new support person
  • Long waiting times

There is a lot to improve here and Woony is designed to address all of these issues.

Because the Woony-communication is based on VoIP technology over the Internet, there are no associated call costs and no geographical constraints. This allows Woony to be used as the primary call solution and offers both free and anonymous calls for website visitors.

Woony also supports chat, allowing agents to escalate chat conversations to voice when needed to resolve a problem. To avoid unwanted callers, conditions can be set for when the voice widget shall be displayed to users.

The web tracking feature allows calls to be routed directly to the most suitable support agent, based on browsed pages, shopping cart content, location etc. This improves the customer experience and reduces the complexity of call handling, which leads to shorter call lengths and faster solution of problems.

Only about 2% of all visits to web-shops generate sales. So-called abandoned shopping carts are a big problem. The reasons why purchases are not completed are usually; price, problems with payment, unclear delivery issues and other technical problems.

By using the priority function, the most important calls can be taken with a minimum of delay, which minimizes the risk of abandoned shopping carts and gives the trader a better opportunity to close important deals. Increased sales, simply put!

Here are some examples of customers who may benefit from Woony:

  • Web-shops that want to be able to prioritize important, and profitable conversations
  • Web-shops that want to shorten queue times and reduce call lengths for their support staff
  • Global web-shops that want to offer free calling from all over the world
  • Authorities that want to offer the opportunity to call anonymously

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For more information, please contact:
Erik Nilsson, CEO
Mobile: +46 709 460 100

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