Stockholm-based Optimobile today announced a new strategy to leverage its unrivaled sector expertise within voice services, and the OptiMobile platform, which has been developed over 19 years, in order to bring the benefits of voice communications to more sectors. Historically, OptiMobile has been focused on the telecom sector, having delivered software-based voice services for telecom giants such as Telenor, Tele2 and 3.

“I see no reason for why we should limit our expertise and platform to the more traditional telecom sector. The benefits of voice communication are timeless and unquestionable, and in a world that is becoming more and more digital there is massive potential in properly integrating voice communications in sectors such as e-commerce, enterprise communications and the consumer market!” says OptiMobile CEO Erik Nilsson on the occasion.

A recent study by Microsoft highlights the value of voice communications in digital services. Among other findings, the study shows that voice is the preferred communications channel in 71% of support cases, more popular than e-mail, chat etc. Taking the customer support sector as an example, OptiMobile has identified several innovative features to improve the customer experience as well as the productivity for service staff.

The new strategy will result in an updated product portfolio for OptiMobile, starting with the already announced OptiSet, Woony, and Zapr products. Importantly, these products are all launched under their individual brand names, allowing for independent marketing messages and positioning for their respective markets. Legacy products for existing customers will be maintained and supported as required by contract obligations.

The OptiMobile brand will undergo an update to reflect this new strategy. 

“Over time, I envision that OptiMobile may transform into an incubator of voice-based software services, leveraging our deep expertise and already existing platform to bring more innovation to market. Stockholm is by many accounts one of the world leaders when it comes to developing successful startups, and given Sweden’s long history of innovating in telecommunications I find it important to invest more in bringing the benefits of voice to more sectors and businesses across the globe” continues CEO Erik Nilsson.

As a result of this new strategy, OptiMobile will be inviting investors and partners alike to participate in this new focus on voice-based innovation.

For more information, please contact:
Erik Nilsson, CEO
Mobile: +46 709 460 100

Press release in Swedish (PDF)
Press release in English (PDF)