At OptiMobile – Voice is King!

We believe in the power of voice communication and are dedicated to enabling our technology on various markets, be it enterprise, telecom operators or eCommerce.

Our VoIP platform and the expertise of our team forms the base for our latest products, OptiSet, Woony and Zapr.

OptiMobile is based in Stockholm, Sweden and listed on Spotlight Stock Market

The Woony product is ready for Global Commercialization. OptiMobile seeks partnership for sales and distribution.

Dynamic network parameter settings

Many mobile operators around the world are in the process of shutting down their 2G/3G networks. The need for devices to support 4G/5G is urgent and often requires new parameters to be set in the device. OptiSet is a solution for doing this dynamically on Android devices.

Read more here, or at optiset.se

Drive conversion with web based calling

OptiMobile enters into a new market area with the development of a voice-focused communication solution directed at the e-Commerce industry. The product is intended to provide a closer interaction with customers and increase the conversion rate, creating more value for web shops and other web sites where interaction is critical.

Read more here, or at woony.me

Reduce devices, democratize telecom

With Zapr, organizations can reduce communication costs while improving the quality of communication, reducing environmental impact, and simplifying the life of employees. Zapr is provided through a mobile app that enables internal as well as external communications in the form of messages/chats and voice calls.

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