OptiMobile Cloud Calling

A cloud based mobile service and subscription
OptiMobile’s CLOUD CALLING solution provides a fully cloud-based mobile service, enabling subscribers to login and continue use its mobile subscription and phone number on any smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or computer, with carrier-grade quality. If the user runs out of battery, forgets to bring the phone or loses it, any Internet-connected device can be used to get carry on performing calls and receiving texts as usual, wherever and whenever the subscriber desires.

End user benefits and opportunities
CLOUD CALLING is a unique product based on OptiMobile’s Core Technology Platform. CLOUD CALLING provides a wide range of benefits and possibilities for the end users, such as:

  • Get access to personal data e.g. your contacts, SMS and call log wherever you are, with no hardware or device dependency,
  • A fully SIM-less mobile service (no new or specific SIM card required) for calling and texting, possible to use on any Internet-connected device such as smartphone, tablet, computer or even a smartwatch.
  • Increased indoor coverage with WiFi access.
  • Subscribers can administrate their service and subscription both online (through My Pages) and indirectly using the software application on any of the used devices.

Flexible and customer driven business offering
CLOUD CALLING can be packaged and offered as either a pre-paid, post-paid or subscription based service to end users. It can also be offered as an add-on service to existing subscriptions. The service is designed and developed for both consumer and enterprise end users so the offering can easily be customized to target both these market segments.