About OptiMobile

We are dedicated to the development of creative and reliable communication solutions based on VoIP technology.

OptiMobile is a software developer and solution provider focusing on VoIP-based communications built on a proprietary platform. We provide individual solutions for mobile operators based on a SaaS business model to assist in the transition to 4G/5G networks and interoperability with WiFi networks.

We offer the enterprise market cloud-based solutions to improve internal and external communications. OptiMobile also offers a communications solution for the eCommerce market that provides a closer interaction between merchants and customers.

The head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden and is publically listed on Spotlight Stock Market (OPT).

Voice is King!

According to a survey performed by Microsoft Dynamics , 71% of people prefer voice over other support tools

Our Team

Our skilled software developers have extensive training and experience from both conventional telecom systems and the latest in cross-platform methodologies.

These days, we primarily use JavaScript and tools like React, React Native, Electron, but our competence goes above and beyond.

Our partners