Aero2 launches innovative WiFi Calling solution developed by OptiMobile

The newly released pre-paid brand a2mobile, from Aero2 in Poland, has launched the OptiMobile WiFi Calling product solution as part if the a2mobile WiFi Calling service.

A2mobile offers three different package options, all valid for 31 days with automatic renewal. All packages include the WiFi Calling service from OptiMobile. With WiFi Calling the customers can continue to make and receive calls even when in areas with bad or no cellular coverage. WiFi Calling also enables the users to make and receive calls for national tariffs outside Poland, in other areas of the European Union. Once the WiFi Calling service is activated on the phone, the customer simply can use the phone as normal and the service will utilize the WiFi network to make and receive calls.

The WiFi Calling service is built on the OptiMobile VoWiFi core platform, specifically designed for the VoWiFi segment. The service includes both the OptiMobile Client Software and the OptiMobile Client Management System. The Client Management System enables easy and secure administration of the clients as well as simple service configuration.

The WiFi Calling service released by a2mobile is the very first commercially launched WiFi Calling service in Poland.