In a recently performed and completed research project coordinated by the Swedish Research Institute RISE Acreo, and partly financed by Vinnova (the Swedish government agency working under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation), the OptiMobile platform and its WiFi Calling product is presented as a solution for securing service quality in buildings and houses with poor or insufficient indoor cellular coverage.

The project titled “Indoor coverage for mobile communications in modern energy-efficient buildings” had the goal to analyse and recommend solutions for making end-users satisfied when using cellular services in energy-efficient buildings, independent of mobile operator.

The published report recommends the OptiMobile platform and WiFi Calling product as one of the alternative solutions for increasing indoor coverage and service quality in modern energy-efficient buildings.

The project included onsite tests in a number of residential and apartment buildings in Stockholm, Linköping, Malmö and Gothenburg. The first pilot case started in March 2016 and the project ended in June 2017.

Project partners and members include companies such as north net connect, Ericsson, JM, SP, MKB, Stockholms stad, Stockholmshem, Svenska Kooperativa Bostäder (SKB), SABO and RISE Acreo. OptiMobile has during the project been a partner to north net connect and supplied the WiFi Calling solution which has been tested and evaluated during the project.

The final and published report is available for download at Final Report and at (both in Swedish).

Link to project information on the north net connect website: north net connect