The operator’s best friend

OptiMobile makes it possible for operators to deliver a fully seamless communication solution, providing high-quality voice and messaging services that can be used on any type of network, as well as on any type of device and brand. The users can continue to use their regular phone number and phone operator.

The demand for VoIP, VoWiFi and the possibility to continue ongoing calls also when moving between WiFi and the mobile network (seamless call handover), has significantly grown the past 2-3 years. OptiMobile has 15 years of experience within these technologies and areas, and has the ability and knowledge to develop innovative and high-quality communication solutions specifically adopted to both the operator services of today, and the future.

Today, people do not want to be limited and restricted to only one brand or type of device when making phone calls and sending messages, but want to have the possibility to use any phone, tablet or laptop, simply the device that is most handy and closest at any specific situation. To this, the users do not accept any drop in service level when making this change. The same goes for the quality. Today, poor mobile coverage and reduced quality or service is not satisfactory when making phone calls and sending messages. People therefore see the ability to use Internet, WiFi and any network as a natural part when using communicating solutions; if at home, at the office or even on an airplane.

The OptiMobile solutions are fully integrated with the service and solution of the operator, and is therefore a natural part of the operator service. The seamless call handover solution is patented on several continents and OptiMobile has created a unique product range customized for the needs and requirements of each operator, creating availability, service and business value for both the operator as well as the subscribers.

A cost-efficient, personalized full service solution

The OptiMobile communication suit is a full service solution, consisting of both client solutions and service management solutions, enabling the operator to offer a wide range of communication services and support functions in the field of VoIP, VoWiFi and VoLTE. The communication solution therefore requires minimal integration efforts and can be implemented and integrated with any SIP or IMS based system, offering the operators a cost-efficient but also fully personalized solution.

A solution for cellular operators as well as broadband, fixed network and virtual operators

The solution creates value and benefits for all of these telecom operator categories by:

  • Increase revenues by launch of a service for voice calls via WiFi and Internet for calls made abroad.
  • Countermeasure against Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and similar voice services that currently “steal” revenues from the operator’s business.
  • Increased in-door quality of mobile voice calls made in the home country as well as abroad.
  • Opportunity to enter the mobile telephony market and hence achieve increased revenues, without investing into a cellular network infrastructure or closing a MVNO agreement with a cellular operator.
  • Achieve lower production cost of mobile telephony, which in turn leads to higher profit margins.
  • Increased revenues and decreased costs due to increased subscriber loyalty. The service targets all aspects of communication needs of the user in one single service and in a single device. This will in turn leads to increased subscriber loyalty towards the operator.
  • Increased revenues by providing a service adding value for the subscribers. The market has shown that subscribers are willing to pay for the service because of its added value.
  • Seamless call handover of ongoing calls between WiFi, 2G / 3G and 4G
  • Support for voice calls using 4G / LTE as well as seamless call handover between 4G / LTE, 2G / 3G and WiFi.