The operator’s Best Friend

Possibility to develop new revenue streams, and bring greater value to the customers
OptiMobile makes it possible for operators to offer innovative, high-end communication solutions, combining traditional mobile phone services with phone services delivered over Internet.

The OptiMobile solutions are based on 15 years of experience and product development within the field of telecommunication solutions, VoIP / VoWiFi and seamless call continuity (seamless handover). OptiMobile therefore has an ability and the knowledge to develop innovative and high-quality communication solutions specifically adopted to both the operator services of today, and the future.

The OptiMobile solution creates business opportunities and possibilities for mobile operators to develop new types of revenue streams, by offering a wide range of new products and services to its customers and service providers within a number of areas and markets.

The subscriber is provided with a service that makes it possible to make and receive calls, SMS etc. on whatever device and network most convenient. Calls are more reliable with High Definition voice quality and full mobility – not a best-efforts connection like OTT Internet calling services.

Examples of products to be offered to the end users with the help of the OptiMobile solution

Improved coverage using also WiFi

Make calls and send SMS as normal using the WiFi network when signal or indoor coverage is weak.

Phone in a Phone

Have multiple subscriptions / phone numbers in one and the same phone without any extra SIM-card.

Cloud based mobile services

Log in and use the mobile subscription and phone number on any Internet-connected device but with carrier-grade quality, for instance when the phone runs out of battery or gets lost.

Virtual Fixed Phone

Modern fixed phone services

A virtual home or office phone service with no extra hardware or infrastructure, to be used on the phone, tablet or computer most convenient for the subscribers – independently of manufacturer.

A Fully Scalable & Reliable Telco Solution

Available on all types of devices, plattforms & networks (both IMS and non-IMS)
Today, people do not want to be limited and restricted to only one brand or type of device when making phone calls and sending messages, but want to have the possibility to use any phone, tablet or laptop, simply the device that is most handy and closest at any specific situation. To this, the users do not accept any drop in service level when making this change. The same goes for the quality. Today, poor mobile coverage and reduced quality or service is not satisfactory when making phone calls and sending messages. People therefore see the ability to use Internet, WiFi and any network as a natural part when using communicating solutions; if at home, at the office or even on an airplane.

The OptiMobile solutions are fully integrated with the service and solution of the operator, and is therefore a natural part of the operator service. The OptiMobile platform can easily be integrated with both IMS and non-IMS networks and supports both 3G, 4G / LTE and VoLTE networks, in line with the 3GPP regulations and specifications. OptiMobile can therefore offer the opportunity for its customer to provide a wide range of new telco / carrier grade services generating additional revenue, with a limited upfront investment.

The seamless call handover solution is patented on several continents and OptiMobile has created a unique product range customized for the needs and requirements of each operator, creating availability, service and business value for both the operator as well as the subscribers.

To summarize:

  • The OptiMobile platform is a carrier-grade, full service solution.
  • The platform is developed based on the standards of the telecom industry (i.e. 3GPP, VoLTE / IR.xx etc.)
  • The platform and its products are developed and optimized to enable a simple, flexible and cost-efficient integration and administration towards the core network of the operator.
  • The platform is modular based, enabling a scalable service solution with dedicated modules for each specific functionality area.
  • The modular based platform together with the fully customizable graphical interface of the client applications provide the opportunity for the operator to easily provide a unique set of services to its customers / end users.

Products and opportunities for both the consumer & enterprise markets

One cost-efficient and scalable platform – Unlimited number of service offerings
The OptiMobile platform provides the operators with the possibility to offer a wide range of new services to it subscribers, customized for both the consumer and enterprise markets. Services that make it possible to place and receive calls, SMS etc. on whatever device and network most convenient. Calls are more reliable with High Definition voice quality and full mobility – not a best-efforts connection like OTT Internet calling services.

The OptiMobile products also let the subscribers put multiple numbers on one device – e.g. a private subscription and a work subscription, enabling one phone for multiple subscriptions but without the requirement of adding additional SIM cards. A large number of subscribers worldwide carry multiple devices, identical phones with work and personal numbers, requiring paying two devices, two plans and two times the network access fees.

For businesses, this also means that companies can move to a mobile-only workforce. Businesses can give their employees a company subscription to use on their personal smartphones – even if those phones are using a different operator. And if an employee leaves, the business will be able to keep the employee’s phone number and subscription along with any business contacts and relationships.

Values, benefits and opportunities for the operators & end-users

The OptiMobile plattform and products creates a wide range of opportunities and benefits to both the operator and its subscribers and end-users.