OptiMobile Phone On Demand

Two phones in one phone
OptiMobile Phone On Demand is a new innovative phone service enabling subscribers to have multiple subscriptions / numbers in one device without any requirement of having an extra SIM-card. This is possible because Phone On Demand is fully based on the OptiMobile software platform. A fully software based telecom subscription enables and offers a wide range of opportunities for both the operators and the subscribers:

  • The operator can sale and fully distribute the subscription and service online, enabling market access to an international subscriber base
  • The subscribers can purchase and activate new subscriptions directly online whenever and wherever needed

OptMobile Phone On Demand is a newly developed product based on the OptiMobiles Core Technology Platform. The product is specifically designed and developed for markets and customers with a need of multiple subscriptions / phone numbers in one and the same device. For example:

  • Enables the subscribers to have a private phone and business phone number in one and the same phone, eliminate the need of carrying another phone.
  • Enables a “second” and dedicated number and subscription which can be used for a variety of purposes such as work, online shopping, dating etc.
  • No need of paying, maintaining and handling two devices.
  • Role-based communication, separating a temporary need of a subscription or phone number from the regular subscription and phone number.
  • Not only an extra number forwarded to the users main and regular number but an operator service possible to use for both outgoing and incoming calls, SMS etc., fully separated from the main SIM-card based service.

OptiMobile Phone On Demand is designed for the consumer as well as the enterprise market segments, and can easily be adopted to any Bring Your Own Device enterprise policy.