Vilnius, March 24 2015. The telecommunications company Tele2 has launched a new Internet telephony service, which will allow Tele2 subscribers to call to Lithuania from abroad at domestic call rates.

The „Tele2 Call“ service can be used by all Tele2 customers using smartphones with Android or iOS operating system by downloading the free app „Tele2 Call“. The service operates via Wi-Fi connection to the Internet.

The first Tele2 Internet telephony subscribers will be able to use the service free of charge. “People abroad, on holiday or working, want to communicate with loved ones at home as usual, but high charges have made it impossible before. Now, our customers will be able to do so without fear of getting a large bill for calls, because their calls to Lithuania via Tele2 Call will cost the same as calls within Lithuania”, – said Mindaugas Kežionis, Head of Tele2 Product department.

Compared to other Internet telephony apps, Tele2 Call‘s advantage is that the other call party does not need to have the Tele2 Call application. This means that it is no problem to call a simple pushbutton phone used by your grandmother in Lithuania.

The Swedish company OptiMobile AB is Tele2‘s global supplier of solutions for VoIP over WiFi and OptiMobile AB‘s solution is used in the „Tele2 Call“ service. “We have a long and strong relationship with the Tele2 group. The Tele2 Call service is perfectly suited for the Lithuanian market and we are very proud to be a partner to Tele2 in Lithuania in this new and highly attractive service“ says Lars Edman, CEO of OptiMobile AB.

The service is easy to use. One needs only to download the app „Tele2 Call“ from Google Play or the App Store and enter the Tele2 subscriber telephone number.

After activation of the service it is possible to call any phone number in Lithuania at local standard rate, in accordance with regular payment plan available for calls within Lithuania.

For more information:

Andrius Baranauskas, Tele2 director of corporate communications

mob. +370 683 66319, e-mail:



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