Stockholm September 18 2014: Under the slogan “Call global – pay local” the cellular operator 3 Sweden has launched a marketing campaign targeting the service “3Växel Softphone”. The service allows 3 Sweden’s enterprise subscribers to easily and intuitively make and receive calls via PC, smartphones via WiFi, 3G and 4G/LTE.

“3Växel Softphone” was launched in January 2014 and has immediately gained attraction among end-users. OptiMobile provides a client/server software solution that is used by 3 to realize the service.

Information is available via the following links (in Swedish):

“Understanding and satisfaction of each customer’s needs is at the core of OptiMobile’s mission”, says Lars Edman, CEO at OptiMobile AB. He continues, “We will continue to exceed customer satisfaction for all our existing and future customers.”

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Lars Edman, CEO, OptiMobile AB. Telephone: +46 734 310 191

About OptiMobile:

With office in Stockholm, Sweden, OptiMobile is a global provider of converged communication solutions for operator services and enterprise solutions. OptiMobile’s customers are operators (fixed network/cable operators as well as mobile operators), mobile system vendors, enterprise solution vendors/resellers as well as mobile telephone vendors and manufacturers. OptiMobile’s headquarters are situated in Stockholm (Sweden).


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